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Eucharist: The Real Presence of Christ


The Eucharist is at the heart of the Catholic faith. In the appearance of bread and wine, it is the Body and Blood of the risen Jesus Christ, a uniquely intimate link with our Creator,and a foretaste of the full union with God in heaven. Author Tania M. Geist offers personal reflections to explore the implications of the mystery and miracle of the Eucharist. Faith sharing with this book helps participants keep the sacrament at the center of their lives as members of the Body of Christ and joyfully continue the mission of building God’s kingdom of peace, compassion, and reconciliation.

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Who's It For: Individuals, Small Groups, Parish-Wide

Author: Tania M. Geist

Length: 119

Dimensions/size: 6X9

ISBN: 978-1-62063-215-4

Publish Date: 2024

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