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Everyday Evangelism Gift Set

Share the gift of faith this Christmas! 

What, Me Holy? shows how our faith can impact every aspect of our lives. Best-selling author and leadership expert Chris Lowney unpacks Pope Francis' exhortation Rejoice and Be Glad, in which the pope calls all Catholics to lives of holiness. But what does holiness mean? Isn’t holiness for heroes and martyrs? How do we answer that call in our work, in our communities, in the day-to-day encounters of our busy lives? Lowney invites us to re-examine our ideas about holiness and how we answer the call to live a holy life.

Balancing Faith and Work explores important themes of work, faith, and life. It is based on the writings of Chris Lowney, author of Heroic Leadership.Designed to help professionals and business leaders bring their personal and professional lives into deeper harmony with their values, this resource is rooted in the spiritual disciplines of St. Ignatius, the founder of the Society of Jesus, the Jesuits. These faith-sharing sessions draw on modern leadership insights to prompt meaningful thought and conversation.


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