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Advent: The Lord is Near Year A

Prepare for each Sunday’s worship by joining your small group in exploring the gospel reading, focusing on the meaning of Advent, and considering how you might make the most of the season. Privately reflect on the reading for each weekday of Advent with daily reflections. Each session will lead you to a contemplation of your relationship with God and each other.

In addition to exploring the gospel passage of the day, each Sunday session illuminates connections to the Old Testament. Reflection questions focus your meditations and discussion, encouraging you to take faith-driven action.

Take the time. Find the joy!

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Topics: Advent; Advent/Lent; Lectionary-Based; Spirituality

Parish Need: Advent Resource

Liturgical Seasons: Advent

Languages Available: English

Who's It For: Parish-Wide; Individuals; Small Groups

Parish-Wide Initiative: Component in Advent

Duration: 4 Sessions

Author: RENEW International

eBook: Amazon

eBook: iTunes

Length: 88 pages

Dimensions/size: 6 x 9 inches

ISBN: 978-1-62063-195-9

Publish Date: 2022

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