LIVE LENT! Small Group Set Year B

Get ready to really LIVE LENT!

Be inspired by the Sunday Gospel readings, explore Old Testament insights, and take action in everyday life.

The small-group set includes the essential elements needed to facilitate the faith-sharing process in a small group:

  • 10 Live Lent! faith-sharing books
  • Essentials for Small Community Leaders guide
  • Leading Prayer in Small Groups
  • Coupon for 10% off the purchase of the New American Bible Revised Edition

Downloadable playlist available.

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Free downloadable resources for parishes:


    Topics: Advent/Lent, Lectionary-Based, Evangelization, Spirituality

    Parish Need: Advent/Lent, Lectionary-Based, Evangelization, Spirituality

    Liturgical Seasons: Lent

    Languages Available: Lenten Prayer and reflection

    Who's It For: Small Groups

    Duration: Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday

    Author: Sr. Theresa Rickard, O.P. and Charles Paolino

    Publish Date: 2017

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