The World on Campus Session Five—If One Suffers, All Suffer: Lessons on HIV and AIDS (Licensed Download)

The World on Campus invites small Christian communities of students to focus their faith sharing on the needs of others and Catholic Social Teaching. Created as a collaborative venture between Catholic Relief Services and RENEW International, each session has been written by experts in the fields of Catholic Social Teaching as well as small community faith sharing.

Session Five is entitled, "If One Suffers, All Suffer: Lessons on HIV and AIDS" and explores the devastating impact of this pandemic.

Each session guides the participants through a sharing of the Scriptures, not as a purely intellectual exercise but as a prayerful exploration of its meaning and its implications for daily life.

  • Each session begins with a moment of prayer and time to hear the Scripture proclaimed.
  • A Solidarity story is then offered, specifically written to help participants learn and understand the various challenging situations our sisters and brothers throughout the world confront in their lives.
  • So that this story becomes a springboard for sharing, some key questions are offered.
  • A reflection is then offered with follow up questions for discussion.
  • This then flows into “Beckoned to Action” sharing on specific actions the members feel called to undertake in the days ahead, as a consequence of their exploration of the Scriptures and the reflections. This commitment to action can be as individuals or as a group—or both.
  • The session concludes with a prayer.


Topics: Social Justice

Parish Need: Resources on Catholic Social Teaching

Languages Available: English

Who's It For: Parish-Wide, Individuals, Small Groups, Young Adult Ministry

Author: RENEW International

Length: 3 pages

Dimensions/size: 8.5 x 11

Publish Date: 2009

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