Scenes from a Parish: Small Group Set (DVD plus ten faith-sharing guides)

Journey on-screen with the members of this faith community by viewing, reflecting upon, and sharing faith with this special edition Scenes From a Parish DVD.
This film touches upon the important themes of welcoming the stranger, compassion, and feeding the hungry.

The companion Film Faith-Sharing Guide offers tips for implementing group viewing experiences. Four sessions on the themes from the film relate to key passages from Scripture. Together the film and guide challenge participants to explore what being a Christian in today’s world really means.

The set contains one Scenes From a Parish DVD and 10 Film Faith-Sharing Guides.


Topics: Social Justice, Spirituality, Español/Spanish

Parish Need: Changing parish demographics

Liturgical Seasons: Any time

Languages Available: English, Español/Spanish

Who's It For: Small Groups

Author: RENEW International

Publish Date: 2010

Author: RENEW International

Publish Date: 2010

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