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LIVE: Songs for Faith Sharing (Life in Christ)

LIVE: Songs for Faith Sharing
Create a prayerful environment for fruitful faith sharing with this collection of the 12 sacred songs suggested in the LIVE: Christian Morality book from the WHY CATHOLIC? Journey through the Catechism series.

This music CD offers recordings of all the songs recommended for the moments of prayer during the faith-sharing sessions:
1. We Are Called
2. Lead Me, Lord
3. This Alone
4. Servant Song
5. Blest Be the Lord
6. Amazing Grace
7. Center of My Life
8. Where Charity and Love Prevail
9. Blest Are Those Who Love You
10. Prayer of St. Francis
11. Lord, You Have Come
12. Seek Ye First


Topics: Adult Faith Formation, Evangelization

Parish Need: Enhance the Why Catholic? small-group experience

Languages Available: English

Who's It For: Individuals, Small Groups

Parish-Wide Initiative: Component in Why Catholic? - LIVE

Duration: 12 sessions

Author: Compilation by RENEW International

Dimensions/size: 5.5 x 5 inches

Publish Date: 2008

Updated Date: 2011

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