Longing for the Holy Audiobook Edition

This four-disc audiobook set contains the complete contents of Longing for the Holy: Spirituality for Everyday Lifeand also includes the thirteen songs recommended in the faith-sharing book.
The set contains nearly five hours of material and is ideal for listening in the car or for the visually impaired.

CD 1

Session One (23:44)
Spirituality: Channeling our Life-Giving Energy
Session Two (21:00)
The Challenge of our Culture
Session Three (21:42)
Spirituality in a Christian Context: Love of God and Neighbor

CD 2

Session Four (21:36)
Spirituality in a Christian Context: A Heart for God and Each Other
Session Five (23:19)
Incarnation: Christ in Us
Session Six (29:49)
The Paschal Mystery: The Offer of New Life

CD 3

Session Seven (23:06)
In My House There Are Many Rooms: Being a Part of Church Community
Session Eight (24:00)
Eucharist: God's Gift and Our Response
Session Nine (27:01)
Walk Justly

CD 4

Session Ten (22:24)
Loving Well: Spirituality and Sexuality
Session Eleven (29:18)
Living the Life
Session Twelve (27:47)
Being a Mystic in Everyday Life: Finding God in All Things


Topics: Spirituality

Parish Need: Discipleship

Liturgical Seasons: Any time

Languages Available: English

Who's It For: Individuals, Small Groups

Duration: 12 sessions

Author: RENEW International

Length: 4 audio CDs

Dimensions/size: 5.25 x 7.5 inches

ISBN: 978-1-930978-90-4

Publish Date: 2008

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