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Lenten Longings Music CD - Years A, B, and C

To help establish the prayerful atmosphere for effective faith sharing, each session of Lenten Longings begins and ends with a moment of prayer. The faith-sharing books suggest songs for these moments, linked to the themes of the sessions.

This music CD offers all eighteen songs suggested in the three-book series:

  1. Change Our Hearts
  2. Eye Has Not Seen
  3. You Are Mine
  4. Create in Me
  5. Transfigure Us, O Lord
  6.  We Remember
  7. River of Glory
  8. Behold the Wood
  9. Lift High the Cross
  10. Loving and Forgiving
  11. I Am For You
  12. We Walk by Faith
  13. You Are Near
  14. Be Not Afraid
  15. The Cry of the Poor
  16. Hosea
  17. All the Ends of the Earth
  18. Tree of Life


Topics: Advent/Lent, Spirituality

Parish Need: Music to enhance the small group experience of Lent

Liturgical Seasons: Lent

Languages Available: English

Who's It For: Small Groups, Individuals

Author: Compilation by RENEW International

Dimensions/size: 5.5 x 5 inches

Publish Date: 2010

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