A Little Leaven ... A Faith-Sharing Resource

The title “A Little Leaven ...” is borrowed from Galatians 5:9.
This book is a faith-sharing resource for team-building and planning
for RENEW Theology on Tap.

The sessions are designed to assist in the organizational set-up of
RENEW Theology on Tap events within the context of prayerful faith sharing.

The Scripture selections are presented as an invitation to join with Jesus as he transitions from the private phase of his life into active ministry, reaching out to the people of Galilee to share the Good News of God's kingdom among them.

RENEW Theology on Tap invites team-leaders to this same transition.

Session 1: "Finding Ourselves"
Session 2: "Preparing the Way"
Session 3: "Being Your True Self"
Session 4: "Invited to Follow"
Session 5: "Stretched for Mission"
Session 6: "Being the Presence of God"

RENEW Theology on Tap:

  • offers outreach to and collaboration with young adult Catholics in pursuit of spiritual growth
  • reaches young adults—women and men, single and married, in their 20s and 30s—where they are
  • invites them to discover how faith can inform and give sense to their everyday lives
  • encourages them to deepen their involvement in the Catholic community and all that it does


Topics: Leader Resources

Parish Need: Young adult outreach

Liturgical Seasons: Any time

Languages Available: English

Who's It For: Young Adult Ministry, Parish-Wide, Diocese-Wide, Small Groups

Parish-Wide Initiative: Component in Theology on Tap

Duration: 6 sessions

Author: RENEW International

Length: 48 pages

Dimensions/size: 8.5 x 11

Publish Date: 2007

Updated Date: 2013, 2008

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