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Longing for the Holy Music CD

A collection of the principal songs suggested for the moments of prayer during the Longing for the Holy faith-sharing sessions.

Each of the 12 faith-sharing sessions in Longing for the Holy includes explicit moments of prayer, and this music CD is a compilation of songs linked to the themes of the sessions and suggested for the moments of prayer:
  1. Gathered in the Love of Christ
  2. Everyday God
  3. Anthem (We Are Called, We Are Chosen)
  4. Weave One Heart (E Hakui i Ka Pu’u Wai)
  5. I Am for You
  6. Join in the Dance
  7. For Living, For Dying
  8. We Come to Your Feast
  9. This Is (Song of Micah)
  10. We Have Been Told
  11. Here I Am, Lord (Ward)
  12. River of Glory
  13. Heal Me, Lord


Topics: Spirituality

Parish Need: Enhance the small-group experience

Liturgical Seasons: Any time

Languages Available: English

Who's It For: Small Groups, Individuals

Author: Compilation by RENEW International

Dimensions/size: 5.5 x 5 inches

Publish Date: 2009

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